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Oakham’s success at Alkmaar, Holland International Schools’ MUN Conference

11th June 2024


Oakham attended the prestigious IMUNA debating conference hosted at Murmellius Gymnasium in Alkmaar, Holland. The Oakhamian team were allocated Zimbabwe to represent on various committees tackling some very serious global concerns.

MUN is essentially a role-playing activity in which pupils assume the roles of delegates representing various countries in the committees of the United Nations. MUN makes students more aware of global problems and their consequences. Together, they engage in lively debate, searching for solutions to the complex conundrums of contemporary international politics; and in doing so, hone and perfect their skills of diplomacy, debate and public speaking.

The Conference is an excellent way for pupils to challenge themselves, as often they will be debating on positions that are different from their personal opinion. MUN covers all the key life skills and is underpinned by the core school values- 4 Cs.

Laurence Ward, Lead MUN teacher

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