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Upper School (Sixth Form)

Just as no two students are the same or learn in the same way, we at Oakham believe in the importance of offering different pathways for post-16 study, so that all our students can reach their potential and are well-prepared for life beyond School.

Upper School (Sixth Form) students choose one of two academic pathways; they study either A-levels and equivalent qualifications, such as BTEC, or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.

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"The Upper School is an exciting time for our students; it is an opportunity to delve deeper into subjects you enjoy and to explore new ones. It is also a chance to take on new responsibilities and give back to the School community.”
Megan Fairley, Head of Upper School

Our teachers are well-qualified and motivated to teach both qualifications to the same high standard. We do not advocate one qualification over another; the beauty of offering such choice is that friends and siblings can continue to study together whilst following different pathways.

Whichever route they choose, we provide a wealth of curriculum opportunities for our Upper School students. These range from society talks and presentations, through to opportunities to study a chosen subject beyond the bounds of the syllabus. Such exploration may be for academic curiosity or in the pursuit of an additional qualification.

We help our Sixth Form students to develop their independent study skills and take increased personal responsibility for their success through a series of Self-Managed Learning talks, workshops and a Form 6 leadership conference.

Beyond the classroom, students in Form 6 (Year 12) take on House responsibilities and leadership roles. This gives them an opportunity to learn more about forming relationships and to develop their own leadership styles.

In their final year, Form 7 (Year 13), girls move to Round House and boys to School House, where they can concentrate more closely on their studies. They enjoy increased freedom to become independent and socially responsible. They take on whole school responsibilities either as members of the Decem Prefect body or as mentors to pupils in other years. In preparation for life outside School, there is a dress code and students wear business suits to classes in place of school uniform.

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