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Our pastoral curriculum and support systems integrate and flow seamlessly to promote mental and physical wellbeing amongst our pupils, whatever their individual needs.

Supporting the Medical and Pastoral Care team, the School has two experienced Mental Health Workers and a School Counsellor who is a Clinical Psychologist by profession. In our Tutorial Programme we revisit the concepts of physical and mental health regularly to deepen pupils’ understanding.

The School promotes keeping pupils mentally and physically well as a core skill and places a strong importance on looking after their wellbeing at all times, rather than just if they are finding things difficult. Our Pastoral Programme follows a spiral curriculum, so concepts like physical and mental health are revisited regularly to ensure understanding can be deepened.

Aside from taught PSHE, there is work done in Houses and tutorials to encourage individual ‘self-checking’ which includes working on routines like developing a healthy sleep routine. Many of the Boarding Houses also have dogs living in the Houses, which can have many mental and physical health benefits, helping to lift moods and make children feel more comfortable in their surroundings.

There is a myriad activities to support self-care including activities which require focus that takes a pupil’s mind off any worries. The School encourages pupils to find their hobbies, so for some it will be art or music, and others it could be exercise in all forms not just limited to yoga. All Form 3 pupils do a course in mindfulness but good mental health is also promoted by a Lego or craft club as by artificial creations such as wellness clubs.