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Parent Information


Our School uniform and sportswear are supplied through Schoolblazer. You can order your child’s uniform online at www.schoolblazer.com

Please find the full School uniform lists and further information below.

Oakham School Uniform Lists and Information

Please note: If you are ordering School uniform to be delivered direct to Oakham School please ensure it is addressed for the attention of your child and their House and delivered to our Central Delivery Point:

Child’s Name / House Name
Oakham School
Central Delivery Point
71 Station Road
LE15 6QT
United Kingdom.


Information for New Parents

Click on the relevant document below for information and advice about joining Oakham School. This includes information about our School uniform, the weekly timetable and arrangements for the start of term.

Lower School Information for New Joiners

Middle School Information for New Joiners

Upper School Information for New Joiners


Bus Routes

From September 2023 we will operate eight bus routes to Oakham School, from 1- Leicester, 2 – Foxton, 3 – Rothley, 4 – Stamford, 5 – Long Bennington, 6 – Hallaton, 7 – Easton on the Hill, and 8 – Brompton Ash offering convenient collection points to and from School from Monday to Saturday.

Oakham School Bus Routes 2023