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About Us

Meet the Headmaster

A very warm welcome to Oakham School

Our purpose is to teach our pupils the knowledge, skills and values to thrive and confidently contribute to Oakham School and beyond. We want to provide an education that not only acts as preparation for life, but also recognises that these years are precious and should be memorable, joyful and transformative.

Oakham School is a warm and welcoming community that values the deep connection of learning and human relationships.

Our values of Care, Courage, Contribution and Connection are woven into a rounded experience for all our pupils, both in and out of the classroom. We will encourage Oakhamians to show care and pride in all their endeavours, always striving to do and be the best they can. We hope that they will care about issues, but also care about people, and feel the care and support that is always around them as they make their journey through School. Our staff will certainly care for each pupil, whilst urging them to show courage, not only to try new things and seize opportunities, but also to be themselves and to speak up for themselves and for others. We want to instil the value of contribution, for the sheer enjoyment of taking part and taking advantage of all that is on offer, whilst making a contribution to the success of others. Above all, we want Oakhamians to make a positive contribution wherever they are, and to appreciate and be grateful for the contribution of others to their own success and happiness.

I very much hope that you and your children will feel a connection with Oakham. It is a warm and welcoming community with a rich blend of local, national and international pupils that values the deep connection of learning and human relationships, which are the bedrock of a successful and happy life.

I am proud to be the Headmaster of this great and grounded school and look forward to welcoming you here in person so that you can see, hear and feel the energy and vibrancy of our School in action.

Henry Price, Headmaster