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Charity Rutland Foodbank donation from Lower School pupils

Charity and Community

As part of our commitment to teach our pupils to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment, we run a series of charity fundraising, volunteering and community initiatives each year. Through this, our pupils gain greater awareness of the world around them and develop valuable leadership and teamwork skills.

The majority of fundraising initiatives are student-led, with representatives from each House coming up with ideas for House fundraising and School-wide events. These have included bake sales, sponge-a-teacher and selling Valentine roses, amongst other events. With Rutland Water close by, there are plenty of opportunities for sponsored walks and bike rides, which families often join in with. Not only does each initiative raise hundreds of pounds for charity, but it also gives pupils valuable experience in organising and running events.

We also appreciate that it’s not all about money, and many pupils give their time and resources to charity – from donating items to the Rutland Foodbank to volunteering as part of our Voluntary Action programme. Many of our major trips and expeditions, such as the Kenyan Schools Project, also have a charitable element to them, meaning that all pupils have multiple opportunities to make a valuable difference throughout their Oakham journey.

Our pupils’ focus is increasingly on how they can help the environment. Planting trees, doing a plastic count in their Houses, and taking part in clothes swaps or hiring ballgowns are just some of the ways that our pupils are trying to make their behaviour more sustainable.

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Our link with the Kenyan Schools Project dates back to 2009