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23rd March 2020

Oakham School Careers Week

Pupils enjoyed an array of eye-opening talks, insightful sessions and engaging activities during Careers Week. 

Pupils were able to learn about a variety of different career choices from insightful speakers, including some Old Oakhamians who returned to pass on their knowledge and advice: 

  •  Dan Moore (98), who is a lead modeller for Framestore, had pupils enthralled when he showcased some of characters he had been responsible for recently such as Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, the animals from Mowgli, Paddington Bear and the animal daemons and polar bears from BBC’s His Dark Materials to name a few. 
  •  Alan Desira and Jason Bates, both leading entrepreneurs in their field of Fintech, gave a great talk about how traditional banks are set up, the rise of digital technologies in banking and the skills needed to work in the sector. 
  • Professor Philip Baker, the Dean of Medicine at Leicester University, opened the Medical and Clinical Careers Conference where aspiring medical students (from Oakham and seven other local schools) had an entire morning of talks on general practice, hospital medicine, veterinary medicine and careers in healthcare. 
  • David Gilman (89), Senior Director at Sky News spoke to pupils studying iMedia about his journey from Oakham, to the studios of Sky News. 
  • Fay Zmija Nicolson, an artist living in London, gave an honest insight into the life of an artist, including how she is able to make money, what exactly an artist is and what should an artist do. 
  • Lucia Gore who runs Kozi, a course to encourage young creatives to learn the basic skills required for coding and UX design, talked about her experience as a woman working in the creative tech industry. 
  • Lucas Clay (10), Branding Designer at Brand 42, spoke about his placement in China at an electrical company as well as his work creating his own brand and brands for others. 

“Careers week is an opportunity to encourage our Middle and Upper School pupils to really think about their future – be it career options, university choices, apprenticeship availability, and workplace skills,” says Head of Careers Pippa Gibbs.

“The aim was to not only get pupils thinking about their future career options, but to really help them start to develop their skills to enable them to access their choices. This year we offered more sessions that introduce and encourage key careers skills – including communication skills such as networking, multi-tasking, interviewing and writing a professional email. These are all critical employability skills that we want pupils to learn and practice as early as possible.”

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