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DNA neither cares nor knows. DNA just is. And we dance to its music.

Richard Dawkins

The Biology Department is a well-resourced and vibrant learning environment, within which our experienced and enthusiastic biologists combine exciting teaching methods and academic rigour to inspire a fascination with the natural world in all our pupils.

In the Lower School (Years 6–8), pupils follow Oakham’s own Junior Science Programme, which includes all three pure Sciences weaved into one coherent course, delivered by a team of dedicated teaching staff and technicians.

In Forms 3–5 (Years 9–11), pupils study all three Sciences with subject specialists, following GCSE courses tailored to their needs.

In the Upper School (Sixth Form), students can choose to study Biology at A-level or at Higher or Standard Level in the IB Diploma, with Environmental Systems and Societies a popular subject in a related field that is available at IB Standard Level.

Fieldwork is an important part of our Biology courses and Upper School students participate in an annual residential field course as part of their studies. They also participate in our vibrant Biology Society (BioSoc), which runs an extensive programme of guest nights and lecture visits.

For those students wishing to pursue Biology and related courses beyond Oakham, we run Further Biology classes, and Doc Soc for those interested in applying for Clinical Courses.