Tutorial Programme

We help equip our pupils with the skills they need to be balanced, emotionally resilient and responsible individuals through our whole school tutorial programme.

Tutors play a pivotal role in delivering this programme and thereby managing the overall development of their tutees. A tutor's role varies according to the year group, but our weekly tutorials and the wealth of materials provided by the Head of PSHE ensure that tutor groups have enough time to discuss and digest information and advice appropriate to their needs.

Our innovative Body and Mind Programme, launched in September 2015, aims to provide pupils in the Middle School with the strategies they can develop to deal with the pressures of life as a teenager in the 21st century. Focusing on the key adolescence years – ages 13–16 – the programme covers a broad range of topics, from negotiation and boundaries, to conflict and forgiveness, to consumerism and body image, that encourage our students to reflect on who they are and how they can develop the ability to cope with what life throws at them. By treating the concepts of well-being and happiness as skills or Learning Habits that pupils need to actively practise and develop in order to absorb them fully, we hope to give pupils the means by which they can be happier and healthier teenagers.

Particular highlights of the Body and Mind Programme are the specialist days we organise to focus on key topics with the assistance of outside experts. One such example is our Mental and Physical Well-Being Day. Involving the entire Form 4 year group, the day includes a wealth of lectures, seminars and activities ranging from delving into the intricacies and mechanics of the adolescent brain, to getting advice on how to shave or buy the correctly fitted bra.