Pastoral Care

Through our exceptional pastoral care, we nurture all aspects of our pupils’ intellectual, physical, mental and spiritual development.

Key to this is our unique House structure, which enables us to provide support tailored to the age of our pupils at every stage of their Oakham journey. In the Lower School pupils join one of our four Lower School Houses that are situated on the separate Jerwoods campus. At 13 pupils join one our 10 Middle School Houses in the heart of the School. In Form 7, their final year, girls move to Round House and boys to School House, where they experience a more university-oriented lifestyle.

Each House has a caring and experienced team of adults, who are always on hand to deal with the day-to-day issues that arise for the pupils in their care. In addition to the Housemaster or Housemistress and tutors, all Houses benefit from the support of a Matron. In the Lower School a Day Matron supports the four Houses, as well as the two Assistant Houseparents who help care for the boarders. In the Middle and Upper School each Boarding House has a Matron, whilst the four Day Houses also enjoy the assistance of a Day Matron.

Tutors play a vital role in providing individual attention for our pupils and delivering our excellent tutorial programme. Each pupil has his or her own tutor, who works closely with Housemasters/Housemistresses and parents to help their tutees fulfil personal goals, develop strategies to manage their busy lives and feel both academically and socially stimulated. Our small tutorial groups and regular tutorial meetings enable tutors to get to know their tutees very well. Tutors often organise informal activities with their tutor groups, such as a meal out in a restaurant, a cinema visit or even paintballing, which prove very popular with pupils and help to strengthen the tutor-tutee relationship further.

Beyond the Houses, we are very proud of the strong and supportive network of adults who work at Oakham to provide for every pupil’s needs. In addition to the different events they run every week, the Chaplaincy team drop in to Houses on a regular basis to chat with pupils and offer a sympathetic and compassionate listening ear. Our trained nursing staff in the Medical Centre will help with any medical matters and our catering team are always striving to ensure that our pupils receive a balanced and nutritious diet.

Oakham has a clear set of rules and expectations, based on mutual respect and kindness, which have been designed with our pupils’ safety and well-being in mind. Occasionally children make mistakes and we help them learn from these experiences in a constructive and consistent manner.



Sarah Gomm, Deputy Head

(Pastoral and Co-curricular)