Boarding at Oakham

Boarding at Oakham is an exciting experience, filled with unmatched opportunities and the chance to make friends for life. Our exceptional pastoral care team ensures that pupils feel safe and well looked-after throughout their time at the School.

Around half of the School’s pupils are full boarders. Additionally we offer two flexible boarding options to suit modern family life:

Each of our Boarding Houses is also home to the Housemaster or Housemistress and their families, so the pupils are very much part of their extended family. The Housemaster or Housemistress is supported by two Resident Tutors, a Matron, and tutors who do evening duties in House, in addition to their work with their tutor group. Together with the wider support network of chaplaincy, medical centre, cleaning and ground staff, there is a strong and caring team of adults working to provide for every pupil’s needs, whatever they may be and however they may change over their time with us.

All pupils eat together in the Barraclough Dining Hall, which is open for breakfast, lunch and supper every day of the week. This shared venue makes it the hub of the School, and offers the chance for all Houses to mix at different points in the day; for example, siblings can often be seen catching up with each other’s news over supper.

We offer many opportunities for families to stay in touch. As well as the regular times at home (Leave-out Weekends and the half-term Exeat), families are always welcome at School to attend House events, sports fixtures, concerts and drama performances, or to take their son or daughter out to tea. We take special care to ensure that children whose parents are overseas feel at home, and work closely with their guardians.

Oakham's Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice can be found here.

Oakham Boarding

The Houses feel like big happy families. Tatler Schools Guide 2020 -