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Rutland Water Setting for Form 1 Environmental Learning

26th July 2023

Form 1 pupils expanded their understanding of the human impact on the natural environment during a recent trip to Rutland Water.

On the day, the students split into groups, each accomplishing a set of tasks such as undertaking litter picking in designated areas, taking on carefully selected leadership tasks or investigating the impact of manmade constructions on the environment.

Organised as part of an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Geography and IT departments, the trip aimed to foster a deeper understanding of environmental issues and promote active engagement in service initiatives.

Dmitriy Ashton, the IB MYP Coordinator, expressed his enthusiasm for the trip, stating, “We wanted to provide our pupils with a meaningful learning experience that extends beyond the classroom.

“I was impressed with how the pupils eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute to the community while gaining valuable insights into the history of the Rutland Water reservoir.

“The trip to Rutland Water was not only an educational experience but also a chance for the students to bond with their classmates and teachers outside the traditional classroom setting.”

Evan Bett, Interdisciplinary Learning Coordinator, highlighted the importance of the interdisciplinary approach, stating: “By combining the fields of Geography and IT, we aimed to offer a comprehensive learning experience for our students.

“They not only learned about the history of Rutland Water but also had the opportunity to apply their IT skills in gathering data and creating visual representations of their findings.

“The serene surroundings of the reservoir provided a picturesque backdrop for the students to connect with nature and develop a sense of appreciation for the natural world.“


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