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24th April 2023

Geographers enjoy field trip to Hunstanton and Skegness

Geography field trip Form 3 geographers headed to Hunstanton and Skegness last week on a field trip to collect data for their course.

The pupils were tasked with collecting data first-hand to help answer ‘Is Skegness a successful tourist resort?’ Pedestrians were counted, the environment was evaluated, and land use was explored.

Teacher of Geography, Alexis Dachtler, said, “There was particular gusto for the opportunity to interview people in the typical seaside town to gauge their viewpoints. Happily, the pupils supported the local tourism-based economy on a rather bracing spring day and sampled fish and chips, doughnuts and even ice cream!”

The enthusiastic pupils will now put their hard work of data collection to good use in the weeks ahead as they use itto support their arguments in answer to their inquiry question.

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