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Geography is the subject which holds the key to the future.

Michael Palin

To study Geography is to learn about the issues that affect us and the world on a daily basis.

At Oakham the Geography Department is busy, innovative and full of enthusiastic geographers, both students and staff. The Department offers a practical, enquiry-based approach to learning, with the aim of encouraging students to become geographers by making use of our excellent resources, fieldwork and study visits. A wide range of field trips to interesting locations ensure that students of all ages are able to apply and enhance their classroom knowledge.

Our team has a wide range of interests within the broader subject and the Department is active in local and national geographical organisations.

Geography is studied by nearly all pupils to GCSE, with high numbers opting for the subject post-16. All students make frequent use of our wide-ranging interactive resources.

Our results are excellent and it is a popular choice for study at university.