Pupil FAQs

Starting at a new school is exciting, but it also brings with it lots of questions that you would like to know answers to. Whilst this list might help answer some of those questions, you need to know two important things; no question is a stupid question (chances are someone else has the same one!) and Oakhamians, both pupils and staff, are really friendly and will be very happy to help you with any questions you have – just ask!

1 Can I bring my own duvet, pillow and covers?

We do provide all the bedding you need, but some pupils choose to bring their own duvet covers (and if you wish a duvet and/or pillow) to make their bedroom space feel a bit more like home. Just remember to make sure everything is clearly named, so it can be safely returned after it has been to the laundry!


2 What about posters and photos?

There is a pin board next to each bed and you can fill it with as many pictures, posters, or photographs as you wish! It is your space and you must feel free to make it your own – please feel comfortable bringing anything special that makes you feel more at home.


3 Can I bring a phone/iPad/laptop?

You may bring any or all of the above! There are rules about using phones on campus, so just make sure you check with your Housemaster/Housemistress what they are. There are plenty of computers around School for general use, but many pupils do find it helpful to have their own laptop.

Mobile phones and other electronic devices brought into School are personal property and are not covered by the School’s insurance, so make sure that you get your parents to cover them on their own insurance.


4 How much homework/prep will I get?

It depends on which year you are in. The amount of work you are expected to do independently does increase as you progress through the School but we will help you learn how to manage your own time. In the Lower School there is time set aside for prep each day. For boarders in all year groups there is prep time every evening. 


5 What is the food like?

If you ask an Oakhamian this question, they will tell you that the food is great. There is a wide selection of hot and cold food available at breakfast, lunch and supper, including vegetarian options. If  you have any specific dietary requirements, just let us know.