Strength & Conditioning

As part of Oakham School’s commitment to nurturing talent and performance in our top athletes, our full-time Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach, Matt Cooke, delivers individualised programmes on a one-to-one and group session basis to our elite sportsmen and sportswomen.

The Strength and Conditioning programme takes a holistic approach to develop not only the athlete, but also the person as a whole. Taking a long-term approach, it is a key aim to develop the physical foundation that will help the athlete flourish both at school, and later down the line. 

Having previously provided Strength and Conditioning at Leicester Tigers, Matt brings his professional expertise to Oakham to ensure that the training culture here is the right blend of hard work and enjoyment. He works closely with the coaching staff of all the different sports offered by Oakham, as well as external professional sporting bodies (pathways, academies and clubs) to help our students maximise their time here at Oakham school.

Matt works on all aspects of students’ strength and conditioning requirements, including, strength, power, and speed development, whilst making sure it is age and stage specific. Matt also provides education on aspects outside of the gym, including recovery and nutrition, helping the athlete develop a wide range of skills and knowledge for life beyond Oakham school. The training sessions also provide an opportunity for students to switch off from academic and sporting pressures and channel their energy in a different direction