The OO Club

Welcome to The Old Oakhamian (OO) Club

Past pupils of Oakham School, along with former staff, are members of the OO Club. They are known as Old Oakhamians (OOs) and Honorary OOs respectively.

The OO Office works together with the Old Oakhamian Committee to develop and improve lifelong relationships between the School, former pupils and staff.

Founded in 1888, the OO Club is at the heart of that extended family and aims to help OOs maintain contact with their friends, teachers and the School, as well as making the most of Oakham connections for their work and career development. These pages include details of OO events, OO news, and how OOs can help, and be helped, in terms of career development

OO Office

Based in College House (next to the School Chapel), Jon Wills is Chairman of the Old Oakhamian Club. He was a pupil here from 1968–1973 and has worked at Oakham since 1980 in various guises (as Housemaster, sports coach, and Geography teacher). Joe Roberts is the Alumni Manager and can help with any queries you may have or reunions you might like to plan. Together they work with the Old Oakhamian Committee to support the OO community.

We would like to be able to contact all OOs by email so if your details have changed recently, or you haven’t heard from us in a while, please email the OO Office or call 01572 758599.

Jon Wills

Jon Wills

Old Oakhamian Club Chairman

My association with Oakham stretches back to 1934 when my father started here in School House. I attended Oakham as a pupil from 1968 to 1973 and returned to teach here in 1980. My role involves daily contact with Old Oakhamians and hosting OO reunions. I was Housemaster in Lincoln, Haywoods and School House for a total of 17 years. I used to teach Geography and coach rugby, hockey and cricket.

Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts

Alumni Manager

I am delighted to be Alumni Manager at Oakham School, having previously worked in the Foundation as the Development Assistant. While not an OO myself, I have long had the virtues of the Oakham community espoused to me by my mum, Amanda (Gibson 77), and have loved my time in Oakham thus far. I attended Trinity College School in Port Hope, Ontario and got my BA at St John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland and my MA at the University of Lincoln.