The 1584 Society

Archdeacon Robert Johnson founded Oakham School in 1584, a 'free school' for Oakham scholars and part of his wider goal of making as many free schools as market towns in Rutland. Since then, philanthropy and keeping excellent education accessible has been at the core of Oakham School's philosophy. 

So named in acknowledgement of our founding year and our Founder’s enduring principles of charitable giving, The 1584 Society is Oakham School Foundation’s regular giving society. Joining The 1584 Society entails a commitment of at least £1,584 per year, for 5 years.

In recognition of this generous pledge, we host an annual luncheon for our society members, which is always a highlight of our social calendar. In addition, all members receive priority invitations to various School events, such as the Brandenburg Concert, and new members receive a 1584 Society lapel pin.

“Oakham School has been part of my life since I was eight, as pupil, parent, and Trustee. I’ve enjoyed every one of those experiences, and they have given me a total love for it. There have been some big changes in those 70 years: girls, IB, and superb facilities, but there’s a core style and ethos that has never changed. Long may that last. Anything you can do to support it is worthwhile; it’s part of a legacy we all now share. I’m honoured to be President of The 1584 Society this year, and look forward to meeting many of you as soon as we can.”