Regular Giving

Regular giving, either monthly, quarterly or annually, is an integral part of the Foundation’s fundraising strategy, allowing us to forecast accurately our donation income for the year(s) ahead. 

Why is this so important?

Here’s a prime example: every time we admit a new bursary pupil, we are committing to providing funding for the duration of their education at Oakham School. Knowing that we have a certain amount pledged for each year of their time at Oakham means we can safely and happily commit to funding their entire education. 

For those who choose to support projects other than bursaries, the regular donations allow us to offer annual commitments such as the Foundation Projects, or provide a substantial contribution to larger capital campaigns, such as the Performing Arts Centre. 

We strive to make it as easy as possible to be a regular donor - simply follow the instructions found either in on the 1584 Society page or the Donate Now page.

After that you will be kept abreast of School life with regular invitations to various School events, you will get special recognition in our Foundation Reports, and enjoy a lovely annual luncheon.

We hope that becoming a regular donor will be mutually beneficial; a way to reconnect and enhance your relationship with Oakham School, and also to help a variety of valiant and valuable causes.