Types of bursaries we offer

"I feel proud of what I'm achieving - it's unlocked the potential I didn't know I had."Springboard Pupil


Oakham School has three different bursaries through which you can support future generations of Oakhamians.

SpringBoard Bursary

Since 2014, we we have worked in partnership with The Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation to enhance the lives of children from some of our most under-served communities.

A SpringBoard Bursary offers the chance for a child from the Midlands to join the School as a boarder and benefit from all the academic and extra-curricular activities that Oakham has to offer. 

A donation of £200,000 (£165,000 + Gift Aid) will provide full fees, plus uniform, trips and incidentals for a pupil entering Form 3 until leaving after Form 7. 
Furthermore, our partnership with Royal SpringBoard ensures that they will be supported during the school holidays and beyond their time at Oakham. 

To find out more about the work we do with Royal SpringBoard, visit    

Decem Bursary 

Founded by a former member of the Decem to give back to the School, The Decem Bursary is funded by Old Oakhamians who were themselves members of the Decem and who recognise the wealth of opportunities they received during their final year at School. 

The Decem aims to support a future Oakhamian entering Form 6 on a means-tested bursary for the full two years of Forms 6 and 7.

Rutland Bursary

As one of Oakham’s biggest employers and Rutland’s largest school, we have always been a vital part of Oakham and the wider Rutland community. 

Established as a response to requests from OOs who we contacted in our 2019 Telephone Campaign, the Rutland Bursary provides means-tested day places to deserving candidates from Rutland to ensure that local children can enjoy the opportunity to attend their local school.

SpringBoard Bursaries give children the opportunity to grow and experience an Oakham education. SpringBoard Scholars gain confidence, resilience, and develop a real sense of who they are, ready to move on to the next stage of their life and accept the challenges that lie ahead. Could they do this without the bursary? The holistic nature of an Oakham education alongside strong pastoral care means that the SpringBoard pupils are supported in their aspirations, enabled to fulfil their potential academically, and are also able to embrace the full array of opportunities that Oakham School has to offer. For example, singing with Big Band, touring South Africa with the sports teams, gaining valuable life experiences. These bursaries give pupils a life changing opportunity. We are laying foundations that will bear fruit in 5, 10, maybe 20 years’ time. I have no doubt the impact on the child and family is fundamental and extremely positive.’

Sarah Gomm, Deputy Head, Pastoral and Co-Curricular