Increasing social mobility, reducing educational and social inequality – these goals are ever-present and far beyond the means of one person or school. But at Oakham School we have not only an ability but a duty to play our part.


The bursaries that we offer, both on our own and in partnership with the Royal Children’s SpringBoard Foundation, are aimed at reducing inequality close to home. Our SpringBoard pupils are from the Midlands while our Rutland Bursary is, naturally, for Rutland scholars.

Each pupil who receives a bursary is being given a life-changing opportunity – a chance to get an excellent education and receive truly outstanding pastoral care. But the benefits go far beyond the individual; they influence everyone the recipient encounters, either at home or at school.

Countless studies, supplemented by plenty of anecdotal evidence, show that diversity in all its forms enhances not only the learning experience but life at school in general. Having people from every background is the best preparation for life in the real world. While we strive to shelter our pupils so that they can thrive in their studies, we are also preparing them for life beyond these walls – a life in which they will undoubtedly encounter those with vastly different backgrounds to themselves.

Having a robust social outreach and bursaries scheme can also be a great source of pride for all members of our community.

Teachers and staff can come into work each day knowing that their workplace does its part to enhance the lives of those less fortunate.

Parents can feel assured in the knowledge that they are doing the right thing for their children and the broader community by supporting Oakham School and its charitable endeavours.

Our pupils can take pride in their school, knowing that is not only academically, artistically and athletically superb, but is also a school that takes its moral obligations seriously.

And of course, by having a robust bursaries scheme in place, we can attract the most talented and diverse academics, actors, artists and athletes, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances.

Supporting bursaries at Oakham School is truly beneficial, to Oakham and beyond.