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Oakham School has always been a place for deserving scholars to get an exceptional education, regardless of circumstance. Founded as a 'free school', Archdeacon Robert Johnson believed access to education was essential, and used his platform to ensure Rutland provided that education to its young citizens. In 1584, Robert Johnson opened the doors, in a building now known as the 'The Old School', to 16 young boys to learn Hebrew, Greek and Latin. 

In 1971, another iconic figure in Oakham School’s history, John Buchanan, made the decision to admit girls, becoming one of the first independent schools in England to go co-educational, thus guaranteeing that in a tumultuous time for independent schools, Oakham remained a place for all deserving scholars.

The Oakham School Foundation’s mission is to ensure that any pupil who wishes to attend is able to do so. Working in partnership with The Royal SpringBoard Children’s Foundation, it is our goal to have 16 fully-funded pupils by 2024, the same number as Johnson’s Oakham School.

Our philosophy of philanthropy has never changed – The Memorial Chapel, the Smallbone Library, Mehra Faculty of Science, Jerwood School of Design, BAF Smith Pavilion, Wilson Pavilion and the Faculty of Social Sciences we are all made possible by generous support from our community and make a difference to all Oakhamians on a daily basis.

But now we call upon the generosity of the Oakham School community once again as we refocus our efforts to ensure that the wonderful privilege of attending this marvellous school is not only available to the privileged few.

Your support, large or small, makes a world of difference. Thank you in advance for your generosity, and for helping to guarantee Oakham’s future.



Why is the Foundation important?

Asha Hickin

Asha Hickin

Development Manager

I joined Oakham School in 2016 as Development Manager and am responsible for all aspects of fundraising for the Oakham Foundation. I also have the pleasure of working with Old Oakhamians and parents in order to ensure that they are involved with the future development and continued success of the School.

Charlotte Woodward

Charlotte Woodward

Development Assistant

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Development Manager
Asha Hicken
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