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Welcome to the Oakham School Archives blog. Here we will update you on news and projects from the archives. If you have any particular interests about the archives or history of the school, please email or call 01572 758 608

A postcard image of Wharflands House.

This year, we celebrate Wharflands' 100th birthday. In this blog post, we take a look at how Wharflands has evolved over the past century.

Association Football at Oakham School

Did you know that pupils had been able to do Basketball, Boxing, Girls’ Cricket, Cycling, Fencing, Fives, Golf, Gymnastics, Rugby 7s, Sailing, Shooting, Squash, Boys’ tennis here at Oakham School? In this month's blog post, we will explore the history of Football at the school, a sport played and enjoyed by our boys and girls.

Reminiscences of Robert Wade-Gery

Throughout the years, pupils have been writing about their time at Oakham School, whether in diaries, in letters or in articles published in the school magazines. This month post is written by our Volunteer, Mr. Webb, who looked at Robert Wade-Gery's memories of his time at school in the 19th century.

Pupils walking towards Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery

This year again, I had the pleasure of accompanying the Form 3 Battlefields Trip to France. The Archives contributed to the Form 3 Inquiry skills in the winter term, producing booklets on Old Oakhamians who fell in the Great War. This trip is an opportunity for pupils to learn about the First World War, and the Battle of the Somme, and to remember and honour the OOs’ and soldiers’ sacrifice. You can read here some of the highlights of the tour.

Macbeth at Oakham School

Shakespeare’s Macbeth has been performed no less than four times at Oakham School. It is remembered as a play of “firsts”.

The Archives Winter Term Update

As Christmas draws closer and we all prepare to break up for the festive holidays, here in the archives we thought that we would reflect on the previous term and what we have been up to!

In commemoration of Rememberance Sunday and Rememberance Day, the archives are remembering a previously forgotten Old Oakhamian who fought and died during World War Two. 
The 25th October 2019 sees Oakham School celebrate the 50th anniversary of Old School being converted into the Shakespeare Centre. To celebrate and as a continuation from our previous blog, here is the final part in the history of Old School. 
At the end of September, our assistant archivist went on a trip to Norwich for a special training session in book conservation. Here is her account from her trip and how it will help preserve our amazing book collection for many future generations to come.
Sat in the corner of Cutts Close just behind All Saints church, is a building which to visitors of Oakham, is easy to pass by without a second thought. However this building was and still is integral to the school. This building has been known by many names throughout the yearss but is most commonly refered to as Old School. 

It is a tradition over the August month for our school sports teams to go abroad on a sporting tour. Many countries have been the destination for our pupils but perhaps one of the most exciting and lengthy tours in recent history has been the 2001 World Tour. 

This month's blog has been kindly written for the Archives by School Historian, Brian Needham. Mr Needham explores families who have had three generations come to this School. It follows on from our May blog which explored the recent discovery of two four generational families.
It is not known how many Old Oakhamians actually participated in the D-Day landings, either in its planning, in its operation, or in the weeks afterwards as the Allies fought to establish the beachhead. However, it is known that five Old Oakhamians lost their lives during the month of June 1944 while engaged in the invasion.

This month's blog post has been written for the Archives by School Historian, Brian Needham. Mr Needham explores two families who have had four generations come to this School. 

This month's blog has been written by our voluntary, honorary assistant archivist, Nigel Webb. Mr Webb has explored some of our earliest archives that describe what Oakham School was like under the headmastership of Dr. Doncaster in the mid-19th century. 


At the beginning of the year, the Archives team helped with the Form 3 study skills project in which pupils were given a booklet on an Old Oakhamian and had to use this as a gateway into researching the First World War. 

Rugby has always been an important part of school life here at Oakham. As the Guinness Six Nations Championship started last weekend, we are looking this month at OOs who took part in the competition.

To begin the New Year off, I thought it would be nice to take a look at some of the dogs that have been a valued member of Houses throughout the years. 
November 2018 commemorates an important milestone in world history: on the 11th it will be 100 years to the day that an armistice was called, ending World War 1.