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17th March 2021

Wellbeing Activities for Staff

During lockdown members of staff were given the opportunity to take part in a programme of activities designed to help them step away from all the current pressures of work and improve their wellbeing.

Director of Art and organiser of the programme, Ms Elinor Brass said, “We wanted to offer staff a chance to help them connect, to be active, to keep learning, and to try something new. Self-care is incredibly important, especially in the current circumstances.” 

Activities included experimental embroidery, meeting and making, poetry and dance. The workshops were run by staff with expertise in those areas.

Participant Antonia Scott, who joined the poetry session said, “It was such a joy to speak with Danielle, the workshop leader, who shared my love for words. We spoke about the beauty and creativity of all genres of poetry, and it was great to spend time concentrating on an activity I probably haven’t studied since my schooldays! As a published poet herself Danielle took me through some freestyle writing techniques and showed me how to turn a favourite memory into a workable poem using all of my senses. I enjoyed my poetry workshop immensely and am determined to keep writing creatively and make my words ‘sing’!”

Elinor concludes, “A huge thank you to my colleagues who ran the sessions, and I am delighted with all the positive feedback we’ve received.  We hope to organise more activities in the upcoming weeks.”

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