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21st June 2022

UK parliament brought to life for pupils

F3 students, who did not attend the Battlefields trips, spent a session looking at why we have laws and how they differ from rules. 

Teacher of Citizenship Viv Lamb tells us more:- 

 “The highlight was a mid-morning live link to Parliament to learn more about how Parliament works and how laws are made.  The teams from the Education Service at Parliament were excellent and kept students engaged whilst also delivering lots of information. One question posed by a student was why the House of Commons is green and learned that it was the cheapest colour leather at the time.

We are grateful to Alicia Kearns MP for Rutland and Melton for joining us on a live link to explain what an MP does; some of the issues she is dealing with locally and generally answering lots of questions from students giving them a much clearer insight into the job; its benefits and drawbacks.  The spontaneous warm applause at the end of this session shows how much students appreciated the opportunity. 

The afternoon was spent looking at the law in action from stop and search, arrest through to a mock Crown Court case with students playing all the roles (and a lot of guilty verdicts!)”


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