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The Lion King JR is a Roaring Success

01st July 2024

A cast of nearly 40 pupils from Years 6 to 8 delivered some truly memorable performances to make this year’s Lower School Production of The Lion King JR a roaring success.

The show, staged at the School’s QET, was met with rave reviews from parents, teachers, and community members alike – a testament to the dedication and creativity of director David Norell and the Lower School pupils.

From the confident performances by the leading cast members to the beautifully choreographed singing and dancing chorus of Lionesses and Hyenas, the show was a delight from start to finish. The stunning set design, inspired costumes and creative props transported the audience to the heart of the African savanna, thanks to the hard work of the talented production crew.

The clever casting of two pupils for the roles of the younger and older Simba and Nala was particularly effective. The young actors perfectly captured the lively and spirited energy of Young Simba and Nala in contrast to the strong and poised portrayals of their older counterparts.
Director of Drama Gilly Norell said: “I applaud this young cast for their dedication to our production.

“They have showcased impressive talent and vocal prowess in their performances, and I look forward to seeing them develop their craft in future school productions.”

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