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5th October 2020

The English Department celebrate National Poetry Day

The English department at Oakham School has been celebrating National Poetry Day with great gusto! Inspired by this year’s theme of ‘vision’, our talented young writers produced thought-provoking poems portraying their own compelling visions of the future.

As part of an ongoing collaboration between the English department and the Smallbone Library, pupils embarked on a FOSIL inquiry, exploring poetry by William Blake, Walt Whitman, Langston Hughes and Stephen Spender before penning their own original works.

We are very proud of their literary endeavours and include some here for your enjoyment.


When there was no technology

When there was no technology

When we were in control

You wouldn’t meet online

You’d just go out for a stroll


When there was no technology

Life wasn’t at all bad

But then it was created

And people slowly became sad.


Now there is technology

We don’t go out for a walk

Now life has become more pointless

People barely even talk.


Now there is technology,

I suppose it can be good

But everything is done by computer

Much more than it should.


When there is more technology

We will not be in control

Everything will be online,

No more going out for a stroll


When there is more technology

Life will be very bad

Now it is created

Everyone is sad




2040 Children

We know that we cannot undo the past,

But let us reassure you, our generation was the last.

We have learned from the horrors of social media and technology.

And this is why we have created a whole new philosophy.


We no longer wish for follow requests, DMs, notifications and likes

For that ping, buzz or ring in the dead of the night.

We want our children to play outside, enjoy it while they can.

Now we shall present our plan:

No child, toddler or baby should participate,

In social media of any kind, the law should state.

By Laura 


A Lack of Leadership

The war rages on more fiercely than ever,

Bystanders watch with terror and despair,

What started out as a fresh endeavour,

Has plagued the human’s once fresh air.

‘How has it all come down to this?’

I heard an old man cry,

‘The lack of global leadership has caused the world to die.’

The blood’s been planted on our hands,

Our leaders fled once more.

They scavenged all the riches,

Leaving society poor.

Will we ever recover?

Not even God knows this.

It seems as if Satan has risen

And given us Death’s kiss.

By Henry 


Present, Past

The future is not needed.

Trying to tell people what we will see,

Is as disappointing as the existence of a flea.


One can never know what is to come,

The shock of the truth as pounding as a drum.

The monsters who control us tell people their lies,

And the news and information

They plunge us into

We despise.


Manipulation and power overtakes the mind

The creative influencers are one of a kind.

The present is something we must embrace

The past is something we like to face.

The future is not needed.

War, hate, conflict and greed.

The future is just a concept we do not need.

By Howie 


The Future

To the Fates, the future is a simple straight line.

As they weave the tapestry of the world with threads of possibility,

They know what is to happen, as well as each of them know their own name.


But to us, the future is a leaf on a river with endless paths to take.

A simple rock could change the course, sending it down another direction

The leaf could plunge down a waterfall into a calm peaceful lake,

Or it could slowly trickle into a raging river of hate and endless shame.


The leaf will forever travel, never ending in hell or heaven

The future will never be completely good or completely bad

There must always be a balance, in the similar way that

In some ways we are all different, and in others just the same.

By Lena


A Vision of the Future

Dark and dreary,

Their faces gaunt.

So eerie,

Their lives for naught.


Helpless travellers,

Hiding away.

The mighty heir

Dictating your say.


She watches your lips,

Your eyes; your stance.

The swaying of hips,

In a hypnotising dance.


Smiling faces.

Tomorrow and today.

She walks and paces.

And stops, to your dismay.


Heart-wrenching screams,

Begging for silence.

By all means

Submit to her influence.


She watches forever,

In the shadows.

Don’t ever say never,

That’s the lowest of lows.


She’s all around,

The sky, the trees,

Always bound

And always sees.


You worship her,

Beg forgiveness,

You fear her,

Nothing less.


Dishevelled hair,

That is not there

Smooth skin and yet so fair

All in heaven’s lair

Living deviously.

By Francesca 


Earth is long burnt out and empty

The super-rich never dying

And nobody can remember

The lush green grass

The wildlife running free.


Knowledge is reduced to liquid

Injected in the youth in place of school

People with robotic minds

Doing present jobs and tasks

With no end.


People locked in never dying loops

The last trees are dying out

Robots like workers

The government silences those who shout.

By Freddie 



Forever building,

Forever making,

Forever burning.

Life created; life destroyed.

Where are we heading?

Into the uncertainty that the future may hold

Will we break through or will we be broken?

Will we bring war or will we bring peace?


The future may not be a mystery though

As we control how our lives go.

Technology is forever changing.


Soon maybe we will

Not just vote for some old men that

Are not worth voting for


Just maybe

Life will change

Green energy

Powering life that is hopeful and

Free with technology suppressing

The consumerism that has

Inflated the economy


But without action we will be in

Darkness and sorrow and

Without innovation there will

Be no tomorrow.

By Eddie 



Perfection: there is no such thing,

There never was, won’t ever be

Even though we always sing

Of perfect peace and harmony.


Reality: it’s the blunt truth,

Like it or hate it, either way,

Though you can change it

By what you do, by what you say.


Optimism: Idyllic hope,

On the darkness shining light.

Be optimistic and with hardship cope,

But fight to put the wrong to right.


Acceptance: do not rearrange

What you think seems badly kept.

Accept the things you cannot change

And change the things you can’t accept.


Happiness: it’s life’s purpose.

Be kind, be good to everyone.

Stand up for justice, sing in chorus.

That’s my final conclusion.

By Rosie 

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