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10th June 2022

“The BTEC courses I’m studying have taught me essential life skills”

With BTECs available to study in both Business and Sports Science at Oakham School, Form 7 pupil Jess has benefited from both qualifications throughout her time in the Upper School. She shares her experiences of doing assignment-led projects and talks about why this has benefited her way of learning. 

Why did you choose to do a BTEC?

I like that with the BTEC you are able to see the grades you are attaining alongside the grades you’ve already achieved so you can easily keep track of your progress. The BTECs also include lots of coursework which suits me better than exams and helps me to achieve the highest grades that I am able to reach.

What other subjects are you studying?

I study both BTEC programmes, double sport and exercise science along with a single BTEC business. Both these subjects are effective at getting me into my university of choice and doing the course I would like to get on, dependent on end results. 

How do you think your BTEC supports your learning?

I think BTEC suits me as it has a clear structure and you know what levels you are achieving through coursework results and exam results. Both the Sports Science double award and Business BTECs are effective at getting me into my university of choice and doing the course I would like to get on.

What are your favourite things about the BTEC?

My favourite things about BTECs are the structure of learning and doing an exam or piece of coursework and then not having to do it again unless you choose to retake units. It gives a sense of relief and allows you to focus on what you are learning and your next topic rather than worrying if you fully understood what went on last year as you have already got a grade and don’t need to revisit the work prior to the next exam as it doesn’t include previous topics content.

What have you learnt so far in your BTEC?

I have not only learnt content within sports science and business but I have learnt life skills too. BTEC has helped me to improve my written work, organisation and time management. As you have a lot going on at once and lots of deadlines that need to be met. In a BTEC you also learn practical skills along with academic for example in business we are doing interviews and practising our skills for the future and in sports science, we are doing coaching developing the skills and qualities that a successful coach should display. 

What are your future career goals?

I am hoping to study Agriculture with Farm Business Management at Newcastle University after I have taken a gap year where I am hoping to go travelling with some friends. 

How do you think the BTEC will help you achieve your future career goals?

I believe it has set me up well for university and the real world as you have to use time management and organisation to ensure you achieve your end goal as you do tasks you complete them and move on. You balance your time and meet deadlines which is similar to university.

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