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23rd January 2023

Super Sleuths Solve Mystery at Crime Day

As part of an exciting Crime Day event, 50 children were welcomed to Oakham School recently for an action-packed day with a criminal twist.

Lower School entry Crime Day event Science

The children were invited to use their detective skills to investigate some strange occurrences across the campus whilst exploring the School and its extensive facilities.

Split into three teams, the detectives worked together to investigate a murder in the Smallbone Library. Each child put their skills to the test by interviewing four suspects about their whereabouts during the crime.

In the Science Department, the children explored three forensic labs with hands on activities.  These included carrying out chromatography to identify the pen used to write a rather suspect letter, using microscopes to investigate fibres found at the scene, making careful observations of fingerprints and learning how to identify features in their own, and learning about gel electrophoresis and setting up an example linked to DNA analysis.

The super sleuths also worked in the Art Department and used newspaper and magazine cuttings to try and construct the face of a criminal from the description given by the police.

Whilst the detectives were thrown off the scent by some of the evidence, a few top investigators managed to prove that it was, in fact, Professor White who had committed the crime.

After solving the crime, the children were presented with certificates for their outstanding detective skills and were thanked by Headmaster Henry Price for their unwavering dedication to solving the crime.

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