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25th March 2020

Successful Cross Country Season

Oakham’s cross country runners have enjoyed another fantastic season despite enduring some extreme weather conditions in a number of their races. 

Highlights of the season included the Junior Boys, Inter Boys, U12 Girls and U12 Boys teams all winning first place at the Leicester County Championships held at Ratcliffe.  The collective efforts of all of the individual runners combined to scoop this impressive number of top spots for these team prizes.

Runners also enjoyed great success in the East Midlands Cross Country League with high numbers of pupils finishing in the top 10:

  • In the Uppingham League Race three runners placed in the top 10 Open Girls (Flo, 2nd, Betsy, 6th and Lottie, 10th), three Inter Boys (Peter, 3rd, Harry, 5th and Sam, 10th), and Rori finished 5th in the Senior Boys race. 
  • In the Welbeck College League Race four girls finished in the top ten in the Open Girls (Flo, 3rd, Sofia, 4th, Lottie, 5th and Issy, 10th), two in the Inter Boys (Peter 1st and Sam 7th), with Rori placing 4th in the Senior Boys race. 
  • In the Rugby League Race three girls finished in the top ten in the Open Girls (Flo, 2nd, Sofia, 4th, Lottie, 9th), two in the Inter Boys (Peter, 3rd and Harry 5th), with Rori finishing in 3rd place in the Senior Boys. 
  • In the Oakham League Race (at Rutland Water), Lottie placed 6th in the Open Girls, and Gabe 10th in the Senior Boys. 

Lottie, in Lower One, has enjoyed great success over the season – as well as all of her other placements, she also came an impressive 2nd out of 120 runners at the Leicester Prep & Primary County Championships in Prestwold in the U11 Girls race.


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