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4th March 2021

Successful Artist Charley Peters talks through her creative process with Form 6 Art pupils

Form 6 Art pupils enjoyed a talk by London based artist Charley Peters.   Charley is also a writer on abstract painting, an independent curator, and is Course Leader on MA Illustration and Visual Media at London College of Communication. Her works have both graphical, controlled elements using precise techniques contrasting with loose gestural marks. 

Director of Art, Ms Elinor Brass, tells us more, “It was a fascinating talk, during which Charley took the pupils through her creative process, from the materials she preferred to use, to the order in which she approached her paintings from drawings to plans and her experiments in sketchbooks.  The pupils found out how Charley was able to create such controlled elements in her work and how she decided on colours and designs.  She revealed a lot about how her ideas shift through the development process and the importance of being true to yourself as an artist.  Towards the end of the talk, Charley introduced some commissioned projects that gave the pupils an insight into how to work with organisations and the opportunities and compromises that you might encounter.  It was really inspiring to hear from someone so passionate about her practice.”

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