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19th October 2022

Staff Wellbeing Screen Printing Activity

The Art Department recently ran a screen-printing workshop for staff, giving them the opportunity to step away from work and improve their well-being. They learned basic screen-printing techniques, played with patterns and lettering and designed their own compositions. They then applied their designs to a tote bag or a t-shirt. Money raised from the event was donated to The Brain Tumour Charity

Attendee Health and Safety and Energy Manager Chrissie Ryder said, “It was a new experience for me, and I loved it. The Art teachers and technicians were super friendly and laid back and explained what to do and how to do it and then allowed us free reign to explore our creativity.

In addition to making a piece of work that looked amazing, it was fabulous to see the gorgeous works the other participants were creating and celebrating our achievements. I would definitely recommend to anyone to have a go at screen printing as a creative outlet. Have a go, get messy and enjoy a journey of creative discovery and the pure childlike joy it brings; it’s playtime for adults. I want to go back for more…..”

Next term, further employee activities planned include learning to cook authentic tapas and Christmas wreath making.

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