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27th March 2021

Staff Share Positive Thoughts

Eight members of Oakham’s Teaching and Support Staff have shared their positive ‘Thoughts for Monday’ this term, offering messages of hope and reflection to the whole School community.

Oakham School Chaplain, Fr Tim Tregunno, who has been co-ordinating the ‘Thoughts’ series for the School since lockdown in March 2020, said: “The topics covered have ranged from teachers of Nobel prize winners, bed making, Sunday night viewing and living by the sea. The thoughts themselves have also been varied: some challenging, some empowering, some encouraging, some moving and some a combination, but no matter their message they all have made us think!”

Teacher of Geography, Evan Bett, proclaimed his great passion for One Republic songs and reminded us that great wealth is never financial. Visiting Music Teacher, Lisa Nelsen, encouraged us to follow our passion ‘do what you love and then you will love what you do and never work a day in your life’. Teacher of French, Chris West-Sadler, told us of the remarkable letter written by the 1957 Nobel Prize winner for literature, Albert Camus, to his primary school teacher.

Medical Centre Manager, Abby Cox, shared a moving and encouraging letter she wrote on the occasion of her 40th birthday to her 18 year old self, with the added joyful advice to ‘keep dancing.’

Housemaster of Sargants, Ashley Denman, made reference to William H. McRaven and the importance of making your bed in the morning, as completing a simple task allows one to start the day with an achievement and no matter how challenging that day, the benefits of that first achievement will stay with you.

Deputy Head Academic, Dr Leo Dudin, regaled us with a sailing story reminding us that progress is not always linear and the tide WILL turn.

Housemaster of Peterborough House, Malcolm Fairweather, reminded us of the underlying strength of community and the unbelievable tenacity of the Fire Ant.

Rushebrookes Resident Tutor and Assistant Archivist, Aurore Guillomont-Bonnefond, explained the importance of being true to oneself and not living your life just to fulfil the expectations of others.

Fr Tim, concludes, “I am delighted that the ‘Thoughts’ have been so well received by our community and am very grateful to everyone who has volunteered to share their thoughts over the past year. I hope these moments of reflection have provided solace and solidarity whilst we have spent time apart.”


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