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17th September 2020

Spectacular Drum Recital

The second live lunchtime recital of the new academic year was given by 14 year old music scholar, Eddie, performing a range of drum kit repertoire for his ATCL diploma. The recital was filled with energy and excitement and provided a lively and welcomed escape in the middle of our busy week.

The recital began with Miel de Mer by Claude Gastaldin, a French percussionist and educator. Miel de Mer is a rock piece featured in Trinity College London´s LTCL syllabus. There are three distinct sections which utilise contrasting grooves. The music requires clean and consistent execution of the complex polyrhythms. The solo section maintains a strong groove and incorporates linear ideas and sextuplets. Eddie took the many complexities of this piece and produced an excellent and well-refined performance.

Cobra by Frank Martin followed, with an original drum chart by David Garibaldi. David Garibaldi is one of the most influential drummers of his generation and is considered one of the great innovators in funk drumming. Cobra is a funk fusion piece and Garibaldi´s approach to the drum chart took inspiration from Gary Chaffee’s instructional book Linear Time Playing. The drum solo exploits the clave rhythm and linear ideas and the piece exploits a range of contrasting grooves and timbres.

Next, we heard Heating the rudiments by Charles Wilcoxon. Charles `Charley´ Wilcoxon was a drum teacher and an influential author who wrote books on rudimental drumming which are widely used today. He is a member of The Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame. This march piece required consistent grace notes, played in the American style, and fluid rudimental execution.

Following this, we heard Garden Wall by Dave Weckl, which comes from his 1990 studio album Master Plan. In order for this funky fusion piece to really groove, it required a punchy tom attack, strong, precisely placed figures which help to underpin the melodic line and totally secure coordination. Eddie did not shy away from these requirements, giving a committed and musically-informed performance.

The recital concluded with Paradiddle Variations by Steve Gadd. Steve Gadd is one of the most recorded drummers of all time, playing with artists including Paul Simon, Steely Dan and Eric Clapton. When creating this piece in 1990, Gadd intended to play just a groove featuring the paradiddle. The piece, however, takes the paradiddle rudiment and turns it into a virtuosic groove-based solo. It is typical of Gadd´s style and is an example of linear funk. Using just three voices (hi hat, snare drum and kick), it gives the performer a chance to demonstrate their precision. Eddie did just this and concluded his recital in spectacular style.

Recitals are available to watch online, click here to view more.

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