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23rd April 2021

Sian Griffiths of the University of Nottingham gives talk on clinical courses and degrees in life sciences

Sixth Formers from Oakham and Harington Schools enjoyed a presentation given by Ms Sian Griffiths of the University of Nottingham on clinical courses and degrees in life sciences offered by her university.

Sian is a Biology graduate and teacher and has been a regular visitor to Oakham School in her role as Student Recruitment Outreach Officer.  She gave a highly informative presentation on the application process and content of medical and veterinary courses at Nottingham University as well as discussing the medical course at Lincoln University, which employs the Nottingham curriculum.  Sian highlighted the case-based learning approach, the exciting prospects for undertaking electives and the teaching of anatomy.  A relatively new feature of the Nottingham veterinary course is the two-point entry (September and April) allowing the possibility of a mini gap year.  Both Nottingham and Lincoln Universities encourage applications from elite sportsmen and women.  In the final section of her talk, Ms Griffiths described courses in neuroscience, medical physiology and cancer studies, all fascinating degree subjects, offering many future possibilities to the young people in the audience.

Ms Griffiths gave her presentation remotely, and pupils were able to attend in person in the Wilson Auditorium or participate online via Teams.  At the end of the meeting, there was an intense discussion of ‘contact time’, degree choices and interview procedures.  The host for the meeting, Dr Nicoll, said: “Nottingham University is consistently placed among the top one hundred universities globally, and ranked eighth in the UK for research power.  Sian Griffiths has been supporting students and facilitating medical interviews at Nottingham for a number of years, and it is always a pleasure to hear her speak.  Her presentation was exceptionally clear and very well received.  I thank Ms Griffiths for her time – and it was great to be back in the Wilson Auditorium!”

It is hoped that prospective applicants might be able to undertake a Nottingham University visit this summer in some form (perhaps outdoors), depending on the Coronavirus situation.


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