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8th October 2021

Rhyd-y-creuua Biology and ESS Field Trip Blog

A group of Form 7 Biology and ESS pupils are on their field course at Rhyd-y-creuau in North Wales. FSC Rhyd-y-creuau is set in the beautiful, rugged landscape of the Snowdonia National Park, yet is also close to secluded wooded valleys, rocky shores and beaches.

Read the latest updates from the teachers below:-


Wednesday – Immersion Ecology. In the morning Biology and ESS students worked together to learn how to use abiotic measuring equipment and use keys to identify species. In the afternoon students completed mini investigations looking at mosses and lichens and will process the data and use the appropriate statistical tests this evening.


Today, both the biologists and ESS pupils continued their exploration of the locale, venturing into (literally IN to) the River Conwy to sample the water for living organisms using controlled scientific methods. The principle sampling method is called ‘kick sampling’ and is shown in some of the photos. There is a variety of water conditions (fast, slow, shaded, no shade) and following recent rainfall, there are also recently flooded flat areas to investigate. This afternoon in the classroom, students are learning how to undertake statistical tests and will begin project selection this evening. Both the weather and the countryside are beautiful and Mr Clint has been helping us all to spot birds such as the noisy long tailed tits and colourful kingfishers down by the river. Room 20 (girls) was ‘party central’ last night!


Today the students were treated to some glorious weather as they started to collect data for their investigations. From enticing worms up from the soil with mustard powder, to sampling tree trunk diameter close to an abandoned lead mine, the variety of the projects had been fantastic. All have been getting accustomed to the various sampling equipment including hygrometers, anemometers and soil conductivity meters. Another day of data collection will follow tomorrow. We can only hope for another day of superb sunshine in North Wales.


The weather held out for most of today, Saturday, for data collection in the River Conwy, the Rhyd-y-Creuau estate, the temperate rain forest and the area around the old lead mine. Projects include the occurrence of lichens, the distribution of moses, density of detritivores, the effects of pollution and biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems. Apart from a stray sheep eating someone’s tape measure, all projects are going well, many of them new to the centre. The boys and girls are now learning how to apply statistical tests.

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