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20th April 2023

Puppy Yoga Gives Pupils Time to “Paws”

Upper School pupils had a serotonin boost last night as they took part in Puppy Yoga sessions to launch ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’.

The sessions, which were led by Paws and Breathe, allowed pupils to relax in a stress-free environment as they did yoga and played with the puppies.

Ranging from German Shepherds to French Bulldogs, the pupils were overwhelmed with the cuteness and after 15 minutes of soothing yoga on their mats, completed little-to-no yoga as the puppies took over!

Head of Upper School Megan Fairley said: “With exam season almost upon us, we wanted to provide an opportunity for pupils to take some time out of their busy revision schedules to rest and reboot; Paws & Breathe provided a fun and relaxing atmosphere for our pupils (and several staff ‘supporters’!) to do just that.”

“It was the perfect way to kick of the Wellbeing Wednesday programme.”

Wellbeing Wednesday is a new Oakham School programme which sees Upper School pupils take time out of their schedules to relax and pause. Other events will include a charity quiz, pop music karaoke, baking class, comedy night and a books and board games night.

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