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16th December 2021

Pupils Make Board Games Inspired by Animal Farm

Form 3 pupils have been getting creative by turning the much loved literary classic, Animal Farm, into board games as part of an English activity.

The students planned, created and presented their Animal Farm board games in their classes recently as part of their passion project for the term.

Miss Eleanor Cullen, Trainee English Teacher at Oakham School, said: “The pupils have been studying this classic text since September and this was a lovely way to end both their study and the term.

“It was wonderful to see them all engage so positively and collaboratively with this task. They really enjoyed playing the board games and testing each other on their knowledge of the novella’s plot, characters and deeper meanings.”

The games were created out of paper and parts of existing board games, and once they were complete, the pupils were able to play one and other to test them out.

Each of the groups who worked together also rotated to play each other’s games and each one was then scored by the pupils.

The aim of the project was to give pupils a unique way of celebrating the George Orwell novella and reinforce what they have learnt about Animal Farm during the term.

Mrs Helen Jones, Head of English, added: “It’s invigorating to witness the excitement and passion of our students as they find new ways of engaging with, and celebrating, Orwell’s thought-provoking text. I just wish I could take some of their fabulous board games home for Christmas!” Find out more about English at Oakham School.

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