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10th February 2020

Pupils hone their problem solving skills via the IB Diploma Group 4 Project

In the last week of January, IB Diploma pupils participated in their Group 4 Science Project, which saw them facing a variety of different challenges using the resources around them, to improve their problem solving skills – which will be key to their success in their final exams. Up to 9 points were awarded for each activity with a prize given to the winning team with the highest score.

Form 6 IB Diploma pupils Benedict reports:-

“What at first seemed like a daunting task with complicated riddles and challenging chemistry, soon became a means of collaboration, organisation and unorthodox thinking; values the IB curriculum tries to instil in every pupil on their journey through the two-year course.

After the initial apprehension had subsided, the one and half day period turned into an ardent endeavour to claim victory at the finish line by all teams. 

Each team had a variety of challenges to complete, dividing their work in the most effective manner possible, just like in professional life.

From modelling biological structures to creating an analog timer or testing a mystery liquid, each scientific discipline was interesting and fun.”

Form 6 pupil Valentin, who also took part in the exercises said, “I very much enjoyed the experience of working in a team with friends from other scientific subjects. The project made science truly enjoyable.”

Benedict concludes: “The project days were a veritable success, awakening in pupils the virtue that made Humboldt, Hippocrates and Hawking great scientists: curiosity.”

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