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27th April 2022

Pupils enjoy the return of the Geography Field Trip to Hunstanton and Skegness

With school field work trips finally able to resume, there was definite excitement in the air as Form 3 headed off on their Geography field trip to Skegness and Hunstanton. 

The pupils spent the day collecting information from various places around the two traditional seaside towns with the aim of writing a report on how successful they feel the tourism is there. 

After an orientation of the towns, pupils worked in small groups collecting data on the quality of the environment, pedestrian numbers and the land use. In addition, they were encouraged to make observations and reflections of their experience in Skegness or Hunstanton. 

Teacher of Geography, Alexis Dachtler, said, “The pupils showed brilliant engagement and enthusiasm for the tasks and definitely made the most of the return of field work.”

In the coming weeks, pupils will develop a range of skills that will help prepare them for GCSE geography but will also be transferable to their core subjects. Finally, they will apply all their knowledge to the analysis and evaluation stage as they conclude their Geography projects.

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