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25th January 2022

Psychology lecture on serial killers by Dr. Merry, a lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Dr. Merry, a lecturer in Forensic Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University recently gave an interesting lecture to pupils in Forms 5-7 on Serial Killers and how they are studied. 

The talk included a discussion around how we define serial killers, why they’re so popular to read about, common typologies used to differentiate between different them, and the issues of using models like these. Students had an opportunity to apply the typologies to well-known cases and ask their own questions about motives for their actions. 

Pupils Sienna and Grace gave feedback on the talk, stating that they “really enjoyed the talk and found it interesting,” and that they “didn’t realise there were different types of serial killers”.

Dr Merry will be back next month to provide a follow-up talk on Offender Profiling where students will be taught real techniques to profile criminals. 

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