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28th January 2020

Professor Julie Gray gives talk on Climate-ready rice to biologists

Oakham School Biology Society (BioSoc) met last Thursday for a lecture given by Professor Julie Gray of Sheffield University on Climate-ready rice. 

Dr Andrew Nicoll, Teacher of Biology, tells us more:-

“Professor Gray showed how her research could reduce transpiration in plants, thereby potentially reducing water requirements for cereals and food crops, improving drought tolerance and water use efficiency. This research is particularly important taking into account current environmental challenges as a result of climate change.”

There were 70 people present in the audience, mainly Form 6 biologists, but also geographers and students of IB Environmental Systems and Societies. There were also pupils from Harington School, one of whom proposed the vote of thanks.” 

Oakham School has a well-resourced Biology Department and a thriving Biology Society, which runs an extensive programme of guest nights and lecture visits.

Photographs by Mohamed (Form 6).

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