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15th January 2020

Phoebe meets Tim Peake at Sir Isaac Newton event

Phoebe in Form 7 recently attended the prestigious Newton’s Space Saplings event, after receiving a special invite as a result of her involvement as a volunteer at Woolsthorpe Manor, the birthplace and family home of Sir Isaac Newton.

Astronaut Tim Peake and Andrea Leadsom MP were guests of honours at the event during which they planted tree saplings grown from apple seeds that had been taken to space by Major Peake. It is hoped that the trees will inspire the next generation of astronauts and scientists.

Phoebe said, “I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to both Tim Peake and Andrea Leadsom and I discussed with them the paper I have co-authored with Dr Martin Braddock, which has recently been published. The paper is about using the microgravity in space to develop new drugs for use both in space and on Earth, and Major Peake said that he had done this kind of research while at the ISS.”

She adds, “I was also able to demonstrate the pop-up science demonstrations that we run at Woolsthorpe Manor as part of the outreach program to encourage young scientists.” 

On leaving School, Phoebe hopes to do a degree in astrophysics, and her work with Dr Martin Braddock has inspired her to pursue a career in research.

Phoebe’s tutor, Mrs Elinor Brass, said, “What an amazing experience for Phoebe – we look forward to following her progress.”

Photo credit: National Trust

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