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29th May 2020

Parents, teachers and pupils give positive feedback on Oakham’s Distance Learning approach

When Oakham School switched to distance learning for the remainder of the Spring Term and the duration of the Summer Term, teachers and pupils quickly learned to adapt to new technology.

They have been following a modified weekly timetable, which includes live lessons, virtual chapel services, virtual concerts, tutorials and registration times.

Teacher of English Sarah Dixon-Dale tells us more about adapting to this new experience:-

“I have the utmost admiration for the pupils that I teach; their unfailing good cheer, positive attitudes and willingness to still get thoroughly and fully involved have been overwhelming.

Distance Learning has forced us to re-learn the way that we deliver in the classroom and to go back to basics in many ways; I suspect that I am one of many teachers who long for the daily hustle and bustle of the classroom and the hectic, busy way of life we all enjoy at Oakham.

My students have adapted marvellously to the challenges of distance learning, and I suspect too that, even they might finally admit to missing ‘normal’ school life and the infectious, good-natured atmosphere we all know only too well.

Whether we are there in person or on the other side of a screen on Teams, the relationships between staff and pupils are still as strong as ever.

I certainly am reminded of that after each of my jolly classes waves me off with a cheery ‘Have a great day, Miss!’ at the end of each lesson. Miss them!”

Form 1 pupil Edward gives his feedback to learning from home:-

“The teachers have been making the lessons fun and enjoyable. There is a good balance between work and free time and you have no excuse to be late for a lesson! The tutorial times on Mondays and Wednesdays are really good for talking to your tutor about your worries or any technical issues you are having. I like the fact that the lessons are recorded, so that if you miss something in the live lesson you can listen again to it later on.”

Parents Ben and Eleanor Burge said, “We are impressed with how the school has reacted to the current situation and in particular video/virtual learning. We have both been working from home remotely and have to say Oakham have done as good a job as some large businesses and much better than many others; with its video meetings, the content, engagement and technology, it is testament to all the staff who have had to learn new skills and no doubt spend much time planning and preparing.”


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