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7th February 2020

Parents given talk on ‘Snowflakes & Toughnuts’ by Director of Sport

Lower School and Form 3 parents attended a talk given by Oakham’s Director of Sport, Iain Simpson, on how they can support their children through environmental and educational challenges.

Parent and member of the Sports Department, Mrs Antonia Scott, tells us more:-

“It was an interesting and humorous talk highlighting some of the challenges children face today in a sporting environment. Iain drew evidence from Olympic athletes showing that ultimate sporting success is never linear and that ‘bumps in the road’ can be used to their advantage, whether in a sporting, musical or academic environment.

Iain spoke about how we as parents, teachers and coaches can support our children and help them learn to ride the inevitable highs and lows of any sporting pathway, which is invariably made more difficult by our emotional attachment and desire for them to succeed.

The talk was interspersed with amusing clips from Monty Python and toe-curling footage of pushy parents ‘coaching from the side lines’. It ended with a video of ‘#BehindEveryGreatPlayer’, showcasing the parental support given to hockey player, Kathryn Lane OO (13) helping her to make it to the Commonwealth Games. The film also demonstrated how Kathryn has subsequently used her sporting skillset of leadership, determination and drive to pursue a career outside of sport.”

Oakham has an enviable reputation for excellent coaching and mentoring in a variety of sports and is a well-recognised training ground for national squads.


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