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7th February 2020

Organ & Drum Recital

Oakham School held a unique event this Wednesday in All Saints’ Church; the only organ and drum kit recital happening today in the UK! Our three performers spanned from across the School; Eddie (Form 3) on drums, Joshua (Form 3) and Ben (Form 6), both on the organ.

Eddie opened the recital with Steve Gadd’s unaccompanied The solo. Eddie overcame the complexity of the piece with consummate ease and demonstrated his great technical proficiency on the drum kit. Eddie then turned to Garden Wall which is taken from an album called Master Plan, written by David Weckl. The piece was performed with a backing track; this gave Eddie the opportunity to exhibit his great technique not only as a solo drummer but also as a member of a larger ensemble.

Following Eddie, Joshua began the organ part of our recital, performing two very contrasting pieces. First was Gordon Young’s Aria, a melodic, lyrical piece which Joshua phrased beautifully, allowing the listener to make a real connection with the piece. Following this was Prelude in A minor which was a more energised and flamboyant piece.

Ben rounded up the recital with a piece by Buxtehude called Prelude, Fugue and Chaconne. Ben performed this extremely challenging piece with great panache and exuberance. He managed many different stop changes as well as playing on different manuals with real skill.

Congratulations all.    


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