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2nd October 2023

OO Professional Industry Networking – Law


On the eve of Wednesday 20th September, the offices of international law firm Cohen & Gresser saw the first of a new series of professional networking events for OOs.

Hosted by Tim Harris OO (‘97), Counsel at Cohen & Gresser, and facilitated by Rob Hanna (’03), founder of KC Partners,  this was the first of the new series starting with the law profession.

This new series was kicked off with stimulating discussions about the compelling intersection of law, technology and art within the pulsating heart of London’s legal market.

Nick Priestnall (’69), Acting Head of Development at Oakham School, welcomed everyone and gave an apology from Headmaster Henry Price.

Martin Wilson, Chief General Counsel at Phillips, captivated with his keynote speech delving into enthralling issues surrounding Crypto NFT’s, Holocaust Restitution, Cultural Property ownership, and examined the intriguing world of fakes and forgeries.

Angus McLean (’97), IP Partner and Head of FinTech, stimulated an interesting exchange of questions and answers with the group.

OOs from 2022 to 1987 and from as far afield as Liverpool enjoyed meeting one another and exchanging views while enjoying a drink and sushi.

Afterwards everyone agreed it had been both enjoyable and definitely worth braving the torrential rain in London’s St. James that evening.


Our next event is our annual Upper School Dinner on Friday 13 October. A wonderful opportunity for OOs to come back to Oakham to give career and life advice to current Oakhamians before they leave Oakham.

Our next Networking event in London will be our financial services event on Wednesday 15 November.

Next year we plan to hold networking events for medical sciences and property; make sure that you update your profile on TOC to ensure you get invited to the events which interest you.


For more information and to keep up-to-date on all our upcoming events, sign up for the Oakhamian Connection: https://oakhamianconnection.com/home



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