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9th May 2024

Oakham’s Success at the National Achilles Relays

19 Oakham athletes took the trip to the Sir R Banister Stadium for the National Achilles Relays, achieving an impressive 6 finals, 3 golds and 2 silvers over the course of the day.

Our Assistant Director of Sport and Director of Athletics, Trefon Vandoros, speaks on the successful day.


This year, Oakham sent a smaller team , but no less impactful. The team set off determined to repeat the successes of the past…

Open Mixed 4x 400m: Gold

The First of the races was the Open Mixed 4x 400m. This race has only been going for the last 2 years. Being ‘open’ means we can pull from every part of the team and real special athletes here are selected. Each one of Annie-May, Betsy, Dozie and Jack all stand out as hardworking pain pushing who have gone and will go the extra distance on and off of the track. After Dozie Jack and Betsy built an impressive 100m lead, Annie-May showed what she can do over the last leg, holding of chasing all male competitors over this final 400m repeating the impressive gold of the year before. This race is always a highlight as it connects our team and highlights very much what Oakham stand for and celebrate.

4x 100m – 1 Gold, 1 Silver

Junior Girls started their day well coming 2nd in their heat before coming 2nd in the final. Although a nervous team, they were perfect in their change overs, you simply could not have asked for more. It was an experience they will progress from and take with them into the future with a greater belief they can aim for fantastic things in the future.

Junior Boys, consisting more of 200 and 300 meter athletes, gained some valuable experience in a very competitive competition. Although coming a very respectable 3rd in their heat, they narrowly missed out on being a part of the top 6 and progress to the final.

Inter Girls made easy work of their heat, Sammy slowing down to maintain energy levels for the final and perhaps hiding what she was capable of. Them came the final, beginning with an explosive start by Olivia, Oakham were up and running. An immaculate change over by Bibi and Betsy had all eyes open on the final runners. 10m behind a strong Millfield team, Sammy had her work cut out for her however from the first step it was clear she was making up the distance, and quickly for that matter. With 50 to go the distance was 5 meters. With 30 to go, only 2 meters separated the 2 and before you know it, 10 meters out they were neck and neck. The finish separated both teams by 0.1s and the Oakham girls had pulled the rabbit out of the hat! It truly was a magical moment which proved that no race is ever over!

4x200m – 1 Silver

Junior Girls once again shone their light for Oakham. Their first battle came against rivals Coopers who had one the 100m. After coming 2nd in the heat, they performed immensely to achieve another silver medal for the Oakham School team in the final. Although a great performance, it was clear they left the track hungry for the gold the next year.

Junior and Senior Boys were unlucky to not cement places in the final against some strong oppositions even with the junior boys placing 3rd in their heat.


The Senior Boys Heat was tough race, the efforts were there, the grit and the fight. Heats for a 400m can be a big ask, knowing there was more to come later. Dozie had already done a massive stint, with not much rest from his impressive leg in the 400 mixed. So, their efforts did not find a spot in the final, but an experience to run against some truly impressive athletes was equally satisfying.

4x300m – Gold

This was the final race of the day for our Oakham Athletes. Inter Girls, having won it last year, expectations and pressure were on. Having already run the 100s twice and Betsy into her 4th race of the day anything could have happened. But these girls were on a mission and in an impressive time of 3min and 1sec, they showed just what excellence and perfection looks like. Winning the 100m followed by the 300m is no walk in the park. Speed and then an enduring race that asks more than you can sometimes give. Definitely not something taken for granted. These girls earned the respect of their team and those who had the fortune to watch dedication and determination at its finest.

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