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7th March 2022

Oakham students step into the shoes of a rising MUN Superpower!

Oakham students have put their debating and lobbying skills to the test in a very successful international MUN debating conference based at Kingswood School, Bath. Oakhamians applied huge courage and wisdom (topics ranging from Yemen, Ukraine, Press Freedom to Forced Labour) by taking on the tough challenge of representing the rising Superpower of India and advocating the interest of Belarus. Aurora had her amendment representing India (on the disputed South China Sea) debated in the General Assembly which is a rare and special moment. Sebastian was given huge recognition by his Chair for his debating skills and sensitivity in the Economic Committee representing Belarus. Sargon gave a passionate speech in the closing ceremony which received huge accolades from the 400+ audience.

Oakham’s MUN activity provides a platform for Upper School students to learn about the UN, develop skills of speech-writing, debating and lobbying, and to increase their awareness of international politics and current affairs. Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations, where a huge variety of subjects can be debated and explored on the level of global diplomacy. As the name suggests, the Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations in which participants take up roles as delegates from various countries and then investigate, debate and develop solutions to global problems. Indeed, through interpreting the role of a delegate from a foreign country, MUN students come to know and appreciate a wide range of political and cultural backgrounds.


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