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2nd August 2021

Oakham School pupils gain valuable work experience

Form 6 pupils have gained valuable work experience this summer, helping them decide on future careers and demonstrating their potential to prospective employers or universities. They have attended some amazing placements despite the coronavirus pandemic ranging from medicine and marketing to engineering and scientific research.

Amy has worked with the breeding team at KWS researching the DNA of wheat, and James has carried out various conservation activities at Rutland Water Nature Reserve. Obi developed his physics and chemistry skills when he was challenged with ‘making the fastest Resin possible during his placement with Photocentric in Peterborough. Alex also gained an insight into the marketing industry during his work experience with Player Layer.

Annie, who shadowed a Colorectal surgeon at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, tells us more about her fantastic placement:

“Being in a hospital, wearing theatre scrubs, and watching real-life operations was a feeling I will never forget. Having never been into theatre, observing procedures ranging from 20 minutes long to 6 hours long, keyhole and open, was incredible. I learnt a lot about the importance of communication and teamwork within the medical profession. I was also awed by the skill of the surgeons; at points, their hands were moving so fast one blink, and the stitches were finished. Seeing patients in a consultation and hearing about the operations that they needed was something that I really enjoyed, especially talking to the patients. Having seen some of the operations that were being discussed in person made me appreciate the work that doctors do and the impact it has on patients. I also enjoyed the ward round every morning, seeing how the patients were cared for before/after their operations and saw how all the different doctors and nurses interacted with each other to make the patient’s stay as positive as possible. Overall, I absolutely loved this work experience, and it taught me a lot about the different aspects of a career in medicine and working in the NHS.”

Oakham School works closely with external partners and contacts as well as its extensive alumni network, to introduce students to careers and work experience. If there are any employers that could offer a work experience placement to one of our pupils next summer, please contact Caroline Atkinson at CLA@oakham.rutland.sch.uk

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